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21.12.2012- It Didn't End!!


It’s been a month since I last wrote here. An important exam and then some pending works took over a lot of time. And then a trip plan.

Since last two weeks or so, I am busy making plans for a trip during Christmas somewhere in the hills, with my college friends. It has been long time since I have gone anywhere with them. I am really looking forward to this trip. We have decided to leave on 23rdand to be back on 25th December.

So, when everything was decided and done; I saw a message on my friend’s FB wall- Leave your last message to the world.

HELL. The world is going to end tomorrow. How can I forget this?

21.12.2012- this date has freaked billions of people all over the world. Some has taken it so seriously that they have left their job and are spending ferociously through their credit card without giving a damn about how they will be repaying if the Mayans decide to postpone their plans for few more centuries.

It is funny actually how a person or community or a ritual can take over humans (with brains that can rationalize things) so easily. Nostradamus’ prediction failed a decade ago when the world took him too seriously. Still, we haven’t learnt our lessons.

So, when I saw this message; I said to myself- even if 1% this happens, in any case, if Mayans get it right; then should I cancel the trip and sulk? Should I start calling my near and dear ones now? Should I pick up my bucket list and start striking things off? Should I propose to the girl whom I always had hots for? There are too many things and too little time. Or I took too much time to realize it.

Even if it is happening, where are the signs? We have all seen Hollywood movies; how bizarre things start happening when something wrong, calamitous is about to happen. But in my daily life, everything is same; everything is ordinary.

1. The dogs are still barking and still hate cats.

2. My boss is not kind to me. The office life still sucks

3. I still pee downwards. The flow is not defying the gravity.

4. Winters still feel cold.

5. Indian football team haven’t breached the 150th mark in FIFA rankings.

6. We are still voting for people who are not able enough to climb stairs, leave alone running this great nation.

The list can go on and every person will have inputs. But as none of this has happened (and being a stern believers of movies); I can conclude nothing’s going to happen.

I am continuing with my plans and I strongly recommend you do it too. Guess Mayans got it all wrong. The date is probably 21.12.2112 instead of 21.12.2012 (the former looks a bit of tricky too; it has to be the one). Clerical error, anyone. So, chances are that you will get 100 years more to do those coveted things which you always wanted. Ask that girl out. Get in touch with your loved ones. Make them feel special. Have kids and see them grow and conquer. Party hard.

And the last wish is asked even from those who deserve capital punishment; we are mere tax-paying humans. Mayans have not given us any signal and I am sure things won’t end this abruptly. They have to give us some sort of hint (one more Kargil, 9/11, 26/11). I believe that won’t happen and we will live happily ever after.


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