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Waisi Waali Khushi- A Short Entertainer

waisi wali khushi

I watched the trailer of Waisi Waali Khushi a month or so back. It was exciting and I was looking forward to watch this ‘Large Short Film’. And now that I have watched this 11 minute treat, I can easily say that I am not disappointed.

If you have watched the trailer of this short film, I am sure you have had a feel about what this will be about. The title itself is pretty revealing. The makers have not made any attempt to hide or create suspense about the content of the movie. The more interesting part was how they will be showing it. We all are running for ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’, isn’t it? So, where is it- in the majestic, mighty peaks of Himalayas or the calm, serene water of Indian Ocean? Or in the unfound pieces of the East or the celebrated history of the West? The answer was not that difficult.

The movie has a simple narration and starts with Punit Malhotra, a well known director in Bollywood, telling his story to Masha Pour. He tells her what he was doing earlier, what he was missing there and what he did to overcome that terrible missing feeling. Simple enough; no twists, no anti climaxes. So where is the fun?

The fun lies in the simplicity of this movie. It exhibits why Punit quits his job and move to Bangkok to live a life that he wanted; a far cry than what he was earlier doing in corporate world. He eats, drinks, plays, meet people and make friends. He meet tiger cubs, he does bungee jumping. He lives his life and finds what he always craved for - ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’.

Performance wise, Punit comes forward as a mature actor. His role in the movie had ecstasy, contention, worries, sadness, joy, completeness and he displays every emotion aptly. May be one more Farhan Akhtar in making?? Masha Pour had a very short role and there was not enough for her in the movie.

But this is not about acting. It is about a small message- something we all know and realize but the various responsibilities, obligations, duties and expectations make us ignore these things consistently until you turn 60. Then you realize you need do what you wrote in your Bucket List when you were 30 but for most, it becomes a dream. The movie inspires to take that dream to reality. For Punit, it was breaking the shackles of a monotonous job and see the world. For me, it could be proposing the girl who travels with me every day in the metro. For you, it could be starting your own business and kicking the boss in the butt. Different person, different reasons but we all have ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’ to look forward to.

In between the movie, there were many beautiful quotes; each relevant to the character’s situation at that moment. It will be tough to mention each and every one but my personal favourite is- “Not all who wander, are lost”.

This Large Short Film is directed by Samar Khan. If you have seen Shaurya, you will be very well aware of this man. People call Shaurya the Indian version of Tom Cruise starrer ‘A Few Good Men’. I really don’t care but after watching Shaurya, you can understand how well Samar knows the tricks of direction; how he holds the script together and how he can create a master piece. ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’ is one more feather in his hat.

Watch ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’ to see you in Punit’s place, to see there is more to life than working on Sundays for overtime instead of being with kids and wife at an amusement park. ‘Waisi Waali Khushi’ is somewhere there around you; all it is waiting is for you to see the life more openly and freely.

This is the homepage for Large Short Films. And this is the link to watch this wonderful movie- Waisi Waali Khushi.


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