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Why Twitter is Awesome?


I joined Twitter in December 2011, just to assure myself that yeah; I am a 21st century tech savvy guy and stay in touch with all the latest trends and use the cool lingo that is surfacing the web. About getting followers there, I was sure that I am good enough that people ‘would want to’ follow me.

It’s more than a year and after following more than 200 people and 400 tweets; all I have managed to garner 40 followers. And trust me, I am not disappointed. As I increased my twitter usage, I realized that to get people follow you; you just don’t have to tweet 10 times in an hour; you have to tweet good stuff- that is humorous, satirical and forces your followers to manage a smile at least.

Here I am not talking about the celebrities from various fields as they don’t have to make extra efforts for getting followers. The tweeples (people on Twitter, the Twitter public) in this post is the aam junta or the mango people who always had many things to say in many possible ways but did not have the resources or platform to shout them aloud to the world.

And this is what I think is the biggest plus of Twitter. It has made easy for everyone to come up and say what they think should be heard. It could be anything from a funny one-liner or a take on government’s policies and decisions, from the news in Bollywood to praising Sir Ravindra Jadeja for his efforts.

My main reason for being active on Twitter is the dose of laughter and humor I get there. I will give you a small glimpse of that in few following tweets.

1. Two words which couples keep on saying each other over the phone ~ Aur Batao

2. Sometimes I wonder despite being absolutely talentless passer of shitty comments how come i didn't become a reality show judge.

3. Behind every successful woman, there are 3 women bitching about how she used her figure to her benefit

4. जब भी सोचा करूँ अपने प्यार का इज़हार, उसके बाप का जूता दिखाई देता है |

5. Samsung Galaxy Note' is the new Sonakshi Sinha forehead.

6. By casting Ajay Devgan and Tamannaah in it, Sajid Khan just made a black and white remake of a color movie.

7. Again Petrol Price hike. My Take home Salary won't even Take me Home now

8. BlackBerry Z10 for Rs 43,490. 2 minutes silence for Bajaj Discover.

9. Rahul Gandhi's birthday should be celebrated as "Buddhu Poornima"

10. What do you tell a girl who gets back home safely after partying late at night in Delhi? 'Congratulations'

11. This MTNL internet's speed is so slow, I'd rather manually go to each follower and read out my tweets.

(Before you jump to conclusions, I would say here- none of them are mine.)

Now admit guys, those were funny. And on twitter, there is sheer abundance of these kind of people, tweeting their funny mind which was earlier limited to college groups and family gossips and chatters.

Twitter had made people speaking out their mind easier. They made a super-easy website which is pretty much self explanatory. And seeing the rising usage of smart phones and internet-on-the-go, the mobile app has been developed that allow users to tweet from almost everywhere. You don’t have to reach home to tweet. Flip out the cell phone, tap the keys and voila! Your words have reached the people.

If you still have not joined the bandwagon, I suggest you do it now. Even if you are not very much a Twitter addict or social media junkie, following some of the funniest people like SuMyth, Swaroop, and Lolbaaz will make the ride worth.

Before you move on to leaving your comment, please take a second to follow me on Twitter here.


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